Response Poetry

You Are Still Here Tikkuli Dogra Seasons shift The cycle continues Delicate harshingar blossoms Fall like fragrant stars I gather them gently As my heart fills with you Your presence radiating From the source of our love Your heart opens up to me The fiery centre of a flower I … Read more →

Three Poems by Chandramohan Sathyanthan

Chandramohan SATHYANATHAN is the author of poetry collections Warscape Verses (2014) and Letters to Namdeo Dhasal (2016), shortlisted for Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize and the Harish Govind Memorial Prize. Sathyanathan coordinates English-language poetry readings in Kerala as well as a subaltern cultural collective there; in 2016 Outlook Magazine listed him … Read more →


Daaniyal Hassan   At Srinagar Airport The waiting furniture has grown roots in the frosted floor.   The carpenter’s chisel runs smooth blade in my palms.   Grape leaves are carved on walnut wood.   This is the anatomy of deficient hands without you.   From door to door of … Read more →