A Poem for Palestine

I breathe into the mushq of hundred incense sticks like some weedhead, a mujnoon To numb the bomb smoke propelled from Falastin to Kashmir through my heart’s invisible pipeline   Black worms writhe out from Mejdool dates on my iftar platter – dates my muhajir friend from West Gaza had … Read more →

Warriors aka Refugees

Answering the ringing of my doorbell I opened my front door to new faces, these faces were not from nearby, but from a land far away, the story of whose destruction is often the headline at prime time on my TV. Old people accompanied by young children wondering that we … Read more →

The Voice

O Kashmiri   I tried telling The Voice, To let me go my way, But it spoke too loud, And the words were too strong, I couldn’t resist following, It, the way it led me, To an edge of a Cliff,’ I thought I heard the waves, Call my name from … Read more →

The tragedy of changes in J&K’s land laws

Muzamil Jaleel  A point by point response to the claims made by the government regarding the changes/amendments in J&K’s land laws: The claim that 90 percent of the land cannot be sold to outsiders is completely wrong. The Big Landed Estates Abolition law of 1950 and the Agrarian Reform act … Read more →

Graveyard of empires

Syed Jesarat   The postman hasn’t Left the post office since Two decades, My Dream’ letters – to the Broken mirror of Himalayas Will never reach you But the scattered carcasses.   The pocket letters of Our times’ are hollow shadows of memories snatched away And kept in a dungeon … Read more →

No Lockdown can overcome us

Khan Ansur   Nothing is new neither this plague nor its lockdown it came with.   All along, we’ve been witness to so many plagues and lockdowns.   Not only social distancing, the plague of occupation exposed us to communication lockdowns as well.   Since the past seven decades, the … Read more →

The Coalman

Gulam Mohammad Khan Barely weeks before the arrival of long winters ­- when the reaping and binding and threshing is done, when the barns are full, when flocks of swallows migrate to warmer places, when the green foliage slowly wears on a yellowish hue, when the rivers flow low and … Read more →

Your Brother

iKoshur Your brother walks in shadows, roams the land in utter secrecy, his image alive in a multitude of hearts that are far too many to count. His feet touch upon the soil like determined whispers of a man whose voice is louder than any force a million strong. His … Read more →