India’s Dubious Games in Kashmir

Shafkat Raina In New Delhi before visiting Indian controlled Kashmir, the Indian Defence Minister issued a controversial statement that, “terrorists in the state (Kashmir) can be neutralised with the help of terrorists, why should we do it, why my soldiers have to do it”. The people who are well aware … Read more →

Remembering Kamil

Majid Maqbool ‘Tikta lagith ta band lifaafa-n manz Be-patah khat chi daak-khana-ikaesi’ (Stamped and sealed in envelopes, We’re a post office’s letters without an address) Celebrated Kashmiri-American poet Agha Shahid Ali was 18 or younger, most likely a student in the University of Kashmir, when Amin Kamil wrote this famous … Read more →

Deluge, a narrative from Lelhar

Tavseef Mairaj It was the forenoon of Friday, 5 September and the network connectivity stands badly affected for the past couple of days. A text message somehow came through, from my mama. I replied, “Agricultural land is already under water and it is advancing.” This would be the last communication … Read more →

My encounter with Baramulla Police

Abid R Baba Very rarely our staunch beliefs or ideologies are shaken to the core by a single incident or a mishap. A human’s ability to stand firm on his beliefs, puts us on a different pedestal than that of other creations. I grew up near a volatile town in … Read more →

Repudiating The Fathers: Resistance and Writing Back in Mirza Waheed’s The Collaborator

by Rakhshan Rizwan I write on that void: Kashmir, Kaschmir, Cashmere, Qashmir, Cashmir, Cashmire, Kashmere, Cachemire, Cushmeer, Cashmiere, Casmir, or Cauchemar in a sea of stories? Or: Kacmir, Kaschemir, Kasmere, Kachmire, Kasmir. Kerseymere? (Ali 3) Agha Shahid Ali, the critically acclaimed Kashmiri-American poet, speaks of his personal and literary conundrum … Read more →

Kashmir As a Palimpsest of Violence: Reading The Wonder House (2005) and The Homecoming (2008)

Mohammad Atif Mysterious mountains, intriguing rivers and picturesque valleys, caught between political controversy, insurgency, militancy and infiltration: Kashmir has been a topic of interest for many writers. Throughout history, Kashmir has been known for its scenic beauty and closeness towards nature while being there. But in the past half century, … Read more →

Taliban In Context of Kashmir

Syed Zafar Mehdi A palpable buzz in the town is that after the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, the hard-bitten Talibani guerillas may trickle over to the Indian-occupied-Kashmir. Local media has been sent into a tizzy as seasoned political pundits discuss its possible repercussions. … Read more →