Jaffna Street: Tales of Life, Death, Betrayal and Survival in Kashmir

Excerpt from “The Saint of Shalimar” With these armies comprising Pathans, Poonchis and Mirpuris knocking at his gates, the story—making the rounds of Srinagar street—goes that the Dogra monarch sought an audience with Meerak Shah so as to seek some divine intervention to ward off the looming cataclysmic scenario awaiting … Read more →

Secrets of the Kashmir Valley

Secrets of the Kashmir Valley: My journey through the conflict between India and Pakistan Author: Farhana Qazi Publisher: Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd. New Delhi, India Year of Publication: 2016 Pages: 308                      Price: Rs 300 ISBN: 9788172210762 Reviewed by Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander   Kashmir Issue and its … Read more →

Jale-ae Watan (Banished to Exile)

Reviewer: Mushtaq Ul Haq Sikander Book: Jale-ae Watan (Banished to Exile) Author: Khaliq Parvez Publisher: Mir Son Publications, Baramulla Kashmir. Year of Publication: Not Mentioned Pages: 356, Price: 350 Indian Rupees The Politics in Kashmir was shaped by the events in the wake of partition of the subcontinent; hence partition … Read more →