Locks in the Mirror

By Dr. Shahid Iqbal If you are a pregnant door that holds all answers to my questions, I will unlock your billowing shapes and unzip your lips. But, a voice in my head warns, ‘You are the mirror image of what you see in others.’ So tell me, what doors … Read more →

For Milad

By Dr. Shahid Iqbal Mother Kangaroo Teach us the art of Pouch. For we live in the Land of Snakes. Snakes, that swallow, alive, our children. Children, born out Of eyes, not wombs. Holy Tear Drops Trickle down Mom’s Cheeks And pierce Pa’s Heart. Foretellers on seeing our Foreheads, beat … Read more →


By Dr. Shahid Iqbal In the city of red on a red evening with Head on a red pillow in a red sleep I had a red dream. Far at the horizon is the red sky Where on a red planet dwells a red maid Who distributes red roses. From … Read more →

Poetry Collection

War by Parvez Ahmad Naqash, Kashmir The soldiers without any personal enmity haunted by some vicious spirit cutting, maiming and killing one another the gory sight bearing a testimony to man’s innate stupidity his cruelty to himself the bombardment above razing to dust buildings along with inmates men women children … Read more →